What is an OpenIDAvatar?

An OpenIDAvatar, or open identification avatar, is quite simply an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things. Avatars help identify your posts on blogs and web forums, so why not on any site?

The website gravatar.com does a wonderful job of avatars for emails, but they don't support OpenIDs. This site simply maps your OpenID to an email that you have registered on gravatar.

Matt M Alex Andy S Andy P Barry Demitrious Donncha Hailin Joseph Lloyd Mark Maya Mike Matt T Nick Nickolay Raanan Ryan Sam Toni Anthony Noriyko Noel Michael Sheri Gian Liz Anne José Jon Eoin Doug Isaac Mike K Lenny Thorsten Andrew Mike P Heather Hanni Jane Jose Brian Beau

How do I get an OpenIDAvatar?

First, sign in with your openid, and then pick an email to associate it with. Then sign up for a gravatar.com account which is FREE, and all that's required is your email address. Once you've signed up you can upload your avatar image and soon after you'll start seeing it on gravatar enabled sites!

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How do I get OpenIDAvatars on my site?

Setting up OpenIDAvatars on your site is easy, you don't even need an account! Plugins will be available for leading blog software and content management systems, and our tutorials will have you running gravatars in no time. To request a gravatar from our servers, you simply add an image to your users activity with an "src" attribute that points to our OpenIDAvatar image generator and includes an MD5 hash of the user's openid. Since all OpenIDAvatars are rated with an MPAA style rating, you can restrict your site to show only OpenIDAvatars whose content you are comfortable with.

If you already use gravatars simply change your url prefix from http://www.gravatar.com/avatar/ to http://paulisageek.com/openidavatar/avatar/ and everything will just keep working, except you now can pass in openids in addition to plain emails.

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made by Paul Tarjan copied shamelessly from gravatar